I support you by staying focused on what it is you want, not on what it is I have to offer

What I'm About

My passion and purpose are to help people to become themselves. Giving a person the tools and the knowledge, as well as the initial support, to move forward and achieve the goals and ambitions they have set themselves. My aim is to keep our relationship brief and to give you the ability to self-coach to navigate future situations in an empowering way.

Personal Development coaching is about getting the best out of you, in whatever area you want to improve and achieve a peak state. It is challenging, it can be uncomfortable but it is always rewarding and gets you the results that you are looking for.

I have spent over 10 years coaching people using Cognitive re-programming and behavioural change techniques with great success. Cognitive re-programming and behavioural change are evidence-based practices. That means their results can be proven, and they have their foundation in Psychology.

What can you expect?

I always assess every client prior to offering to coach. This is to ensure that I can offer the right coaching for you and that you are ready and committed to the change you need. I don’t take on every client that approaches me, I only work with those who are genuinely ready and will benefit from the results.

If we work together, there is an expectation of commitment and accountability on both sides. I can provide you with the support to change what needs to be changed, but the commitment to actions has to come from you. It's an exciting and well-supported journey. 

What I can support




Limiting conditions (depression, anxiety, fear)


Limiting Beliefs (self-esteem, confidence, assertiveness)

Life improvement

What I can't support

Spirit guides/animal guides

Analysing your past

Positive thinking without action

‘The Secret’