Creativity is an innate ability that most of us learn to ignore…I sure did

My passion and purpose are to bring joy to myself and to others through creative expression. For many years I chose not to show, or develop, my originality, visions and ideas because of limiting beliefs, paralysing fears and tangled thinking processes.

Over the years my career path led me into coaching, and specifically coaching people with very limited mindsets. A way I discovered that really helped this client group was to explore and encourage their innate creativity. Seeing the powerful results that people achieved and the freedom it brought them from very limiting life conditions, I invested all my time in learning the processes of the creative mindset.

Creative Coaching is about getting the hidden best out of you, in whatever area you want to explore and make. It can be challenging, but it's exhilarating at the same time! Letting go and realising your long-held desire to extend who you are as a person, and leave a mark on the world.

I have spent over 10 years now coaching people using Cognitive re-programming and Mindset change techniques with great success. That's a lot of people who are out there now living the dream they had of being a visionary.

What can you expect?

You can expect to move toward your goal and be given the tools, support and encouragement to go the distance. You will learn stimulating new ways of thinking, how to make the most of your imagination, how to limit the 'negative self-talk' that holds you back from trying. You will be guided through strategies to help you innovate, form original ideas and capture the limitless potentiality of your genius! Sounds pretty cool right?